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Identity Verification System (IVS)

(IVS) Identity Verification System - Manage, protect & retrieve your identity

IVS is the perfect Identity Verification Solution for organizations seeking easy and secured form of identity bio-date capturing and management, retrieval and identity validation/verification.

  • Friendly and Intuitive Interface: Enhanced user experience makes usage swift and require little or no professionalism.
  • One Program for 7 Data Capturing Types: With IVS, capturing bio-data is as seamless as possible and can be used to capture alpha-numeric characters, fingerprint, contact smart card, contactless RFID card, magnetic stripe cards, barcode, picture which are all fully customizable to usage requirement.
  • One-Time Licence: With SEIS IVS, you pay for licence just once and free to use for as long as forever.
  • Auto-Update: You are always up-to-date with automatic notifications of free software updates to ensure that the software is never outdated.


  1. Single-user
  2. Two levels of users, front desk and admin personnel
  3. User capturing form fully customizable to suit user requirements
  4. Capture alpha-numeric characters such as name, age, date of birth, etc, card details (magnetic stripe card, contact & contactless smart card, RFID card), barcode, image, etc.
  5. Multiple forms of verification
  6. Admin get verification reports
  7. Can be used on multiple computers to share same database (though will require purchase of additional licence)
  8. IVS can also be used as an attendance mgmt system


  1. A computer (min req: 128MB RAM, 600Mhz Processor, Windows 7, 2MB Video Card)
  2. Capturing devices (depending on the type of data to be captured, e.g, camera, magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, smart card reader, etc.)
  3. If to be installed on multiple systems, a server and a network will also be required

For more info about IVS, kindly drop a comment below or via our contact info.



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