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ID Card Software | Biometrics

ID Card Software – New Asure ID ® 7

The professional line of ID card software we offer, now comes with a much desired feature that the Healthcare, Governmental, and Corporate applications have implored for some time. Yes, the enrollment of biometric templates can now be done with ease, and unison with printing ID cards.

With the latest version of Asure ID 7 ID card software, it is now possible to enroll biometric fingerprint templates to an external database by using the HID Global Lumidigm® fingerprint reader. Asure ID's Live Link real-time data exchange capabilities make it possible to store, and write fingerprint templates to smart cards, via the iCLASS SE® encoder unit found within a Fargo Card Printer.

The ID Card Software with Biometric Enrollment is available from two versions:

  • Asure ID Enterprise – Featuring Live Link for large organizations that require multiple workstations to share a common database over a network in real time.
  • Asure ID Exchange – Designed for the most sophisticated and secure credential applications combining Live Link advanced database support and iDIRECTORTM technology card design for smart card deployment.

We recommend you to update to the latest version of the new Asure ID card software, which comes with no charge if you have an existing Asure ID 7. Many bug fixes are also resolved.

By clicking Options > Resources > Check For Updates.


Download a trial version of the ID card software here!



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