Management Solutions Asset Management System
Category: Softwares

The assets management system is a facility that helps companies monitor there assets and equipment. We from our research have discovered that the stress of manually logging in details of goods procured by a company can be very demanding especially when the goods are purchased in very large quantities.

So the goal of the system is to automate the process by providing software that the procurement officer can easily relate with logging the details of the product and automatically generating the bar code needed to monitor the product. This will ensure that the assets are well managed and accounted for either when gone for repairs, maintenance, sold, missing, etc. 

Value Proposition

  • 360 degree view of asset location and status
  • Unique identification of assets via code tagging
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Alerts and notifications for efficient maintenance/ replacement planning
  • It enhances proper handling of assets due to the transparent reporting and control

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