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The main aim of the system is to design an automated system for controlling the flow of patient’s data in the hospital. The aim is to solve most of the problems encountered in the hospital using the old and manual system of medical administration.

In the manual system, almost all the patient folders in the records have to be accessed by the staff for every folder request. The integrity and security of the data in database system are considered here from the point of view of freedom from risk. The risks are those events that threaten the data; threaten to destroy or corrupt it to prevent its use, threaten to access it illicitly or to steal it.

Key Features of the system

Multipurpose Dashboard

  • 360-degree overview
  • Multiuser visualization
  • Universal search

Multiuser system

  • Administer Doctors
  • Supervise Nurses
  • Manage Pharmacists
  • Lead Lab Attendant
  • Assemble Accountants
  • Oversee Receptionists
  • Serve Patients

Monitor Hospital

  • Allot Beds to patient
  • Manage Blood Donation
  • Blood Bank reserve list
  • Generate Reports
  • Enlist Medicine Supply

Doctor Appointment Manager

  • Set Appointment from receptionist
  • Appointment Scheduling in Doctors Panel
  • Appointment Scheduling in Patient Panel

Prescription & Diagnostic Report

  • Create Detailed Prescription
  • Add Clinical Reports
  • Patient Case Histroy
  • Previous Patient History
  • Medication Management
  • Prescription Printing Facility

Patient Admission & Discharge

  • Add Patients for treatment
  • Receive payments from patients
  • Discharge patients
  • Manage patient information

Medicine Inventory

  • Add Medicine
  • Check Inventory
  • Update/Delete Inventory

Payroll Management

  • Generate Payroll for employees
  • Define employee salary
  • Add allowances and deductions
  • Generate/Print payslips


  • Multi-user employee mode
  • Manage personal details
  • Manage Account details
  • Manage designation, departments and roles
  • Add, Update, Delete Employees
  • Set Employee Access Roles


  • Add new departments
  • Manage descriptions
  • Update department information


  • Create notice
  • Set the notice status
  • Provide description of notice
  • Employees get notified instantly


  • Customize system information
  • Language support
  • SMS Settings


  • Multiple roles
  • Manage profile
  • Edit/Update profile
  • Reset password


  • Interactive interface
  • Dazzling Dashboard
  • Very easy setup and installation


  1. Systematic data collection.
  2. Efficient data storage
  3. Accurate data communication and manipulation.
  4. Enhanced data security so that the hospital data and information are stored centrally in a secure fail safe database that has a secondary backup database.
  5. Reduced system cost.
  6. RFID patient card issuance on request.

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