IXM Web Access Control System
Category: Access control

Remarkably Intuitive and Functional

IXM Web is developed and tested on all major browsers, it's a mandate at Invixium to ensure you stay within the comfort bubble. As we witness browser wars in todayís age, we thought itís the best time to stay up to date with all options.

We didn't bind the user interface to teach a new language to our users, we instead wrote this application to allow users to be able to personalize this application to their needs and likings. The layout can be configured to place frequently used programs and functions on the main screen and the rest on the following screens. Same goes for internal tile functions.

IXM Web application is based on a web-client structure that allows the software to be accessed without having to dedicate a physical resource to control and configure devices. The admin only needs access to a good quality LAN connection.

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