Combo Heat Transfer 4 in 1 Combo Press
Category: Heat Press Machine

The Combo press 4 in 1 heat transfer machine is fast, easy to handle, space effective, cost efective, etc.

  1. Use microprocessor programme to control, parameter recollection, touch control panel, particular in home market.
  2. Get CE certificate, safe and reliable.
  3. Advanced design, control cell structure, convenient for sale service.
  4. Can revolve 360 degree, convenient for fetching thick products.
  5. Change the accessory quickly, no need tools.
  6. Use imported materials for pivotal parts, stable and durable.
  7. Machine design is beautiful, volume not reach 1 CBM, easy to operate in counter.
  8. Because of superior device, finished products are excellent.
  9. One machine has many functions, change the traditional machine problem, such as Not precision image, high repairing rate, big volume, etc. At present, multifunctional machine infinite updated base on market
  10. Can produce the goods of cloth art image, T-Shirt image, Porcelain image, metal image, fashion present image, etc.

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